An Unfinished Road Trip


Like good old teenage days, a group of us were taking the MTR for an exciting day trip. We were all caught up in chatter when L suddenly decided to get off the train and leave us.

“Hey, wrong stop! We haven’t seen all the places yet!” I yelled.

“It’s okay. We’ll go in the next life,” he turned around and said with a calming smile.

I wanted to pull him back. Instead, I woke up in the dark, in my small Airbnb room in Hong Kong. That’s L’s farewell, a year too late.

The newspaper wrote that your body smashed on top of a truck and bounced off to the road. Did the stupid truck hurt you? I hope it didn’t. Let the rest of us feel that pain on your behalf. We won’t go anywhere else in the next life because I wish there isn’t one, for any of us. Rest easy at your stop, L.

Daphne K. Lee

Daphne K. Lee

I travel nomadically and word vomit sometimes.

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